Automatically Finding and Qualifying RFPs
Automatically Finding and Qualifying RFPs

Riley Contracting Group

Automatically Finding and Qualifying RFPs


Riley Contracting Group, a reputable general contractor operating in North Carolina, has a legacy of excellence in the field. However, like many businesses, they face the continuous challenge of keeping up with opportunities in the form of Requests for Proposals (RFPs). The group’s business development team was overwhelmed with the manual process of sifting through numerous RFPs that came in daily, ensuring they met specific, custom criteria. This tedious process consumed valuable time and resources, affecting efficiency and potentially leading to missed opportunities.


The primary issue faced by Riley Contracting Group revolved around the manual and time-consuming process of identifying and shortlisting qualified RFPs. The labor-intensive task involved matching complex custom criteria and running daily checks to provide the business development lead with the appropriate opportunities. The lack of automation resulted in:

Wasted Time: Approximately eight hours per week were spent solely on RFP identification and processing, equivalent to an entire working day.
Risk of Missing Opportunities: The manual process was prone to human error, which could lead to overlooking potential opportunities that may not be apparent during manual review.
Resource Allocation: The repetitive and mundane task of sifting through RFPs occupied valuable human resources that could have been allocated to more strategic and creative efforts.
Response Delay: The delay in finding the right RFPs could also have resulted in delays in responding, thus potentially losing competitive advantage.


Their AI automatically finds and sends the qualified RFPs to their business development lead based off their own specific, custom criteria. It runs every day before the team gets in the office, so, when they do get in the office, they have a fresh batch of RFPs ready for review. The solution leveraged technology to address the identified challenges, streamlining the process and ensuring that the opportunities were not only met but exceeded.


Riley Contracting Group’s AI has saved them a full eight hours per week, giving a full workday back for their business development representative. Furthermore, the AI delivers them opportunities that they may not have otherwise found through only manual review. The implementation of this solution not only resolved the problems faced but added significant value to the business operations, enhancing efficiency and expanding the horizons of opportunity.

“I was afraid that it would continue to take up my time due to running checks and balances on my own against the program. I now know that I don’t have to double-check the AI program because it works.”

Florida Hughes, Riley Contracting Group