Revolutionizing Efficiency in Report Generation
Revolutionizing Efficiency in Report Generation


Revolutionizing Efficiency in Report Generation

Revolutionizing Efficiency: The GCI Transformation


GCI, an engineering firm, faced a paradox: a backlog of work and a team stressed with monotonous, repetitive tasks. The firm had reached its capacity limits, risking both customer satisfaction and employee engagement.


  • Overstaffed Yet Overworked: Too many customers and not enough streamlined internal processes led to an overstretched workforce.
  • Repetitive Labor: The team was stuck performing monotonous and time-consuming tasks that could potentially be automated.
  • Productivity Bottlenecks: These inefficiencies severely restricted GCI’s ability to take on new projects and clients.


  • AI-Enabled Automation: GCI partnered with Teammate to eliminate repetitive tasks through artificial intelligence.
  • Process Refinement: Initial engagement focused on educating the team about AI’s potential and refining existing workflows for immediate improvements.


  • 5X Speed Increase: The time required to complete specific tasks was reduced by over 5X, allowing the firm to serve more clients than ever before.
  • Quality Uplift: AI outperformed human accuracy in quality assurance tasks, boosting the overall product quality.
  • Resource Reallocation: The workforce was reduced to 1/5th for the same output, allowing other team members to focus on higher-value tasks, thus transforming the team’s capability to deliver more and better projects.