Bringing Mindfulness into Everyone’s Everyday Life
Bringing Mindfulness into Everyone’s Everyday Life

Mind Body Align

Bringing Mindfulness into Everyone’s Everyday Life


Mind Body Align embarked on a visionary quest to bring mindfulness into everyday life. Recognizing the challenges of maintaining mental equilibrium and presence in today’s hectic world, they sought to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) through a mobile app. The objective was to create a tool that would not just encourage mindfulness but actively engage users in assessing and adjusting their mental state in real time.


The underlying challenges that spurred the creation of Align Mindfulness were rooted in modern-day lifestyles:

  1. Lack of Mindfulness: People often find themselves consumed by stress and anxiety, disconnected from the present moment.
  2. Limited Tools for Engagement: Traditional methods for mindfulness might not engage individuals effectively in their daily routine.
  3. Need for Instant Support: Whether experiencing a tough meeting or a joyful family event, individuals require immediate tools to evaluate and document their feelings and mindset.


Working in collaboration with Mind Body Align, the solution was crafted with precision and empathy:

  1. Launching Align Mindfulness App: A mobile app called Align Mindfulness was developed, integrating AI to provide a personalized and engaging mindfulness experience.
  2. Utilizing Push Notifications: The app uses push notifications to ask targeted questions at various moments throughout the day, connecting with users’ real-time experiences.
  3. Quick and Easy Interaction: Designed for ease of use, the app allows users to evaluate themselves and their mindset, and return to their lives in 5 seconds or less.


The outcomes of the Align Mindfulness app were both immediate and impressive:

  1. High Engagement: Six months after launch, over 86% of total downloads were daily active users, showcasing the app’s resonance with its audience.
  2. Promoting Everyday Mindfulness: By providing instant, targeted support, the app succeeded in weaving mindfulness into users’ daily lives.
  3. Positive User Experience: The app’s success in engaging users demonstrates its effectiveness in fulfilling its core mission, be it assisting with stress or helping document joyous moments.
  4. Innovative Approach: Align Mindfulness stands as a novel integration of technology and well-being, leveraging AI for personalized and meaningful engagement.

Mind Body Align’s success story with Align Mindfulness app underscores the transformative potential of technology when aligned with human needs and well-being. The app not only answered the intriguing question of integrating mindfulness into daily life but did so with elegance, innovation, and profound impact. It serves as a reminder that technology can indeed be a force for personal growth and mental harmony.

“The AI can change for what we needed it to do.  It can get to know us, our needs, and what we needed from it.  We did not need to change to make the AI work for us.  At our company, we are looking for opportunities to use AI in ways we haven’t thought of before, and we are incentivizing our team to use AI in different departments.”

Jen Blue, Chief Operations Officer, Mind Body Align