Automated Social Media Content Generation at Scale in Real-Time
Automated Social Media Content Generation at Scale in Real-Time


Automated Social Media Content Generation at Scale in Real-Time


InFrontX Labs, a division of the multi-billion-dollar sports production enterprise InFront, conceptualized a groundbreaking solution to a pervasive problem in digital media—content scarcity.


  • Content Scarcity: The digital and social media landscape demands an insatiable amount of content.
  • Labor-Intensive Process: Social media teams were burdened with the day-to-day creation of content.
  • Scalability Issues: Given that teams were often understaffed, the existing model was unsustainable.
  • Quality vs. Quantity Dilemma: The need for rapid content output risked diluting the quality of storytelling.


  • Partnership with Lede AI and Teammate: InFrontX Labs collaborated with these firms to create an AI that would generate social media content on-demand.
  • Multi-Language and Multi-Platform Support: The AI was designed to write Tweets, Instagram Captions, and Facebook Posts for any major sports team or league in any language.
  • Private Beta for the Scottish Premier Football League (SPFL): The solution was first tested in a tightly controlled environment.


  • Significant Boost in Engagement Metrics: Metrics such as impressions, clicks, and overall engagement more than doubled.
  • Freeing Human Creativity: The social media team found themselves with the bandwidth to focus on creating higher-quality, engaging content.
  • Efficiency and Scale: Content X proved its capability to sustain high-frequency, high-quality content generation.

Their approach to AI & Automation is innovative and visionary. Leveraging their technology enabled our solution and our customers to scale their content production and freed up crucial time. Working together has been a great experience throughout the ideation, implementation and iteration processes. Together we are able to bring to life solution that provides true value to sport leagues & teams.

Ran Rayn, InFrontX