Award-Winning AI Newswire Covers What Humans Don’t
Award-Winning AI Newswire Covers What Humans Don’t

Lede AI

Award-Winning AI Newswire Covers What Humans Don’t


Local news has been suffering for over a decade.  With each budget cut, newsrooms become smaller, and less and less important information is covered in local communities.  Lede AI set out to change that, starting with high school sports.  Now, Lede AI is a newswire and has published over 700,000 articles all without human intervention for newspapers all across the United States.

The Problem

There are over 7,000 high school football games on any given Friday night, and there are even more basketball, softball, soccer, and baseball games.  Newsrooms around the country are understaffed and underfunded, and there are way more games being played than being covered.  High school sports are vital to local communities.  The coverage must happen, but it’s too expensive to send humans to each game.


Lede AI is an AI-powered newswire which writes thousands of articles in seconds all without human intervention at 99.6% accuracy.

In partnership with ScoreStream, Lede AI uses crowd-sourced sports scores to determine the best way to tell the story of what happened during the game.

Lede AI’s technology automatically writes, edits, and publishes the articles all without human intervention, and all while the newsroom is asleep.  It has become the winner of the LION Publishers Technology Innovation of the Year award.  It drives millions of pageviews each year for its customers, and, most importantly, it helps communities stay better informed.


Leded AI articles are first-to-publish about key local events in the community, drive millions of pageviews every year, and power the sports sections of many large newspaper groups in the United States such as the Associated Press, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The Indianapolis Star, and many Lee Enterprises newspapers.

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“Working with Teammate AI has been a great experience. Evan and his team are innovative, professional, and fantastic partners. Their ability to see things from a new perspective and find new ways for growth are truly unparalleled. I can’t imagine a company that wouldn’t be better off with their insight and guidance.”

– Carl Fernyak, Lede AI