InFrontX Labs had an idea: Could you use AI to automate the creation of social media content far large sports leagues and teams? Now, that idea is a global joint-venture.

InFront, as a parent company, is a multi-billion dollar enterprise doing sports production for major teams, leagues, and tournaments such as the FIFA® World Cup and the Olympics®. InFrontX division works specifically in digital media.

There’s a major issue in the social media and digital media world. There is not enough content for the amount of attention a brand needs. What if, for the day-to-day, you could create automated content that was so good that nobody knew it was automated? How would that free up social media teams to create higher-quality content that only humans can create? How would that enable social media teams to tell better stories than ever before?

InFrontX labs approached Lede AI and Teammate to create an AI that would write social media content for major sports leagues and teams. A spin-off from Lede AI, they wanted to fully integrate us within their new product, with the vision for our AI to write Tweets, Instagram Captions, and Facebook Posts for any major sports team or league in any language, instantly, on demand.

Fast forward seven months later. Content X, the product created by InFrontX and using our AI, is being launched in a private beta for the Scottish Premier Football League.

In the six months that followed, the engagement metrics for the SPFL’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts more than doubled. Impressions, clicks, engagements went through the roof. Beyond that, their team of two people, creating content for 20 teams in the Premier League, became freed up to create more engaging and everlasting content.