An engineering firm was overstaffed and oversubscribed. They had too many customers to service, and too much work to spread among their small team. Beyond that, the work that the team was doing was boring, repetitive, and time consuming.

GCI approached Teammate wondering if we could automate their product delivery and quality assurance processes but, it began with coaching.

First, we sat down and worked through what AI was and what it was not, their existing processes, and how we could simplify their processes in order to make an immediate improvement period from there, we headed into the development phase.

We began by eliminating repetitive work. This work was monotonous, repetitive, and time-consuming for a human, but fast and easy for a computer.

The results were significant immediately. The time to do the specific tasks that we had automated reduced by over 5X. That means that their team was able to serve more customers than ever before, with less effort than ever before.

The AI had a higher accuracy and quality assurance tasks then the humans did. So, not only did speed improve, but reliability and product quality improved also.

As we automated more and more tasks, the freedoms provided by AI continued to pile up. What was a team of five completing two projects per week became a team of 1 completing four projects per week. The other team members were elevated to create bigger and better value for the company.